Climate & When to visit

Hong Kong is an all-year-round destination. It enjoys a mild climate. The most popular time to visit Hong Kong is from September to December, while the weather is rather calm and sunny with moderate temperature.

Spring (March to mid-May)
Temperatures and humidity rise gradually in spring. Evenings can be cool but lightweight jackets should suffice. The average temperature ranges from 18℃-27℃ (64℉-80℉), humidity about 82 per cent.

Summer (late May to mid-September)
Hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 26℃-33℃ (78℉-91℉) and humidity near 86 per cent. Short sleeves and cotton clothes should be worn with a lightweight sweater for indoors as restaurants tend to set air-conditioning on high. An umbrella or hat is useful to ward off the sun.

Autumn (late September to early December)
Clear and sunny days are the norm in autumn. Short sleeves and light jackets are most suitable at this time of year. The average temperature ranges from 18℃-28℃ (64℉-82℉), humidity about 72 per cent.

Winter (mid-December to February)
Winters are mild with low humidity at 72 per cent. Though the temperature ranging from 14℃-20℃ (57℉-68℉), the mercury can drop to 10℃ (50℉). Occasional chills make woolens and overcoats necessary.